3D Technical Artist

3D Technical Artist

About Us

Clubby Games is a virtual world where players can create, own and monetize their gaming experiences. Clubby Games provides a blockchain-based mobile gaming ecosystem for all developers and gamers. We aim to bridge the gap between the Web2 gaming world and Web3. To learn more, check us out at https://clubbygames.com or on Twitter at @clubbygames.

About Position

We are looking for a 3D Technical Artist who delivers compelling visuals in various styles and mediums such as illustration, 2D, 3D, video, animation, or other media (as appropriate).


  • - Taking a 2D object and environment concepts into 3D game assets.
  • - Delivering high- and low-poly 3D models for mobile platforms.
  • - Creating basic object and particle animations that demonstrate an understanding of weight, balance, and form using Unity.
  • - Working on realistic lighting and rendering.
  • - Engaging in technical and aesthetic problem-solving efforts.
  • - Produce video content for our social media communication.
  • - Create amazing trailers combining CG rendering and cool in-game footage to showcase the different experiences in The Clubby Games metaverse.


  • - Knowledge of additional plugins like Element3D (and the curiosity to discover more).
  • - Knowledge of rendering tools for Cinema4D (Redshift, Corona…).
  • - A taste/experience in voxelart.
  • - Previous experience in the video game industry or web3.0.
  • - Experience scaling products through constant learning and experimentation in fast-paced and rapidly changing industries.
  • - Mastery of Adobe Suite, Figma, and 3D software like Blender.
  • - Familiar with render farms and tools to automate workflow.
  • - Motion/Animation, graphic design, traditional art, typography, 2D, 3D skills (multidisciplinary with a focus on motion).
  • - Excellent timing and smoothness in motion graphics.
  • - Strong developed design process.
  • - Demonstrate proficiency in communicating throughout the design process while formulating high-level motion design frameworks.
  • - Experience in prototyping and translating UI animations & micro-interactions into specifications for product development.
  • - Comfortable with a broad range of visual styles, animations, and cinematic narratives.

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