About Clubby

Clubby Games is a virtual world where players can create, own and monetize their gaming experiences. Clubby Games provides a blockchain-based mobile gaming ecosystem for all developers and gamers.

We aim to bridge the gap between the Web2 gaming world and Web3. Clubbers will earn tokens and various NFT rewards while playing the same games they play in the free-to-play concept with the P2E concept on the Clubby Games Platform. Developers will be able to diversify their income models with games they list on the platform, and also gain new user channels.


Club Token is the governance token of the platform. CLUB Token holders participate in the governance of Clubby Games by voting on existing proposals or even offering a new one to the community. Plus, they access the services like SDKs we have developed for developers and designers. Also, they have a chance to join presales for NFT assets like Land and Advertisement spaces in our Metaverse Clubby Land.


Bounty Incentive Program

Clubbers who stake CLUB Token have the right to access a private Bounty Program where they earn CLUB Tokens by finding errors in Beta Version of the Clubby Games platform.

NFT INO Participation Right

Clubbers who stake CLUB Token have the right to participate in NFT INOs taking place on the Clubby Games website.

NFT Item Designers

Designers who stake CLUB Token have the right to Access Clubby Editor to create NFT Items. Based on the amount of staked tokens, users will have access to more editorial utilities to use for their designs.

Governance Token

Clubbers who stake CLUB Token have the right to vote on proposals. They will be able to manage the success of the platform and have a chance to receive benefits from the ecosystem.

Game Development

Game developers who stake CLUB Token can develop games using SDK customized for Clubby Games platform.


Gold token is an in-game currency of Clubby Games platform.


In-Game Currency

Gold token is the in-game currency of the island, it is the valid payment for most transactions.


GOLD is the crucial currency for playing games and taking advantage of all facilities of Clubby Games.


You can use your GOLDs to buy anything available on marketplaces like NFTs, Characters, Lands, etc.



Earn tokens by playing their favorite games

Own & Trade in-game assets as NFTs

Game-To-Wallet in instant

Game Developers

Benefit from a new acquisition channel

Game development is simplified by Clubby SDK

Provide complete freedom and scaling opportunities

Add the Blockchain P2E model to any game


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